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I’m Tim.

I’m experienced in implementing and maintaining clients’ requirements.

I work alone or with a team of designers to meet clients’ needs; from logo and flyer design to full website delivery.

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Put your best foot forward

Your website is an active information source available to anyone, anywhere and at any time.  It is an essential marketing tool for you and your business.  A website offers clients a comfortable way to investigate your business without interacting directly. 

Your website can give you the edge

Having a website shows your clients and customers that you recognise the most rapidly expanding method of communication.  It also gives you a professional email address which helps the clients remember your business name and communicate with you, as well as helping to place you in a wider market.  


v.intr.  To exchange views; confer.

design  To create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner.

implement  To put into practical effect; carry out. 

Maintain  To keep in a condition of good repair or efficiency. 

From the beginning


I made my first website using Adobe DreamWeaver for editing HTML and Microsoft Paint as my graphics software!


Whilst reading Music at Bristol University I made a few more sites for my peers while learning more about HTML, CSS and Adobe Photoshop.


Commissions are increasing, but there’s a lot of competition in London!  Starting to explore the world or WordPress and other Content Management Systems. 


The world has come to a stand still and I’m taking the time to improve my skills.

What I can do for you

  • Bespoke website design
  • Content management
  • Email management
  • Logo design/branding
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Flyers and business card design
  • Expert technical support


Featured Work

Website Redesign

The Cambridge Society of London

The official Regional Society for Cambridge alumni who live, work or socialise in London. Formed almost 50 years ago and having travelled through a number of transitions, the Society now focuses on fostering a community for Cambridge alumni in London and running special events for members in the areas of culture, history, world affairs, sport, socialising, targeted networking and freshers’ parties.

Their previous website had been built in 2010 and was functional.  It was in need of a rebrand and redesign which I implemented.

Website Development

peace of MiND

This was a custom project for a friend who wanted to tell the story of his life, past and present, through a blog.  It also explores the life of someone living through a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease.  

The site features a blog, guestbook and comments section and is based on WordPress.


About Me

Hello! I’m Tim. I’ve Been designing and implementing websites for 16 years

I’ve been doing this for a while, often in tandem with other projects.  When I’m not at the computer you can find me on stage as a professional opera singer.  As my tech work can be done almost anywhere, you could easily find me answering emails from the backstage of a theatre!

  • Web Design
  • Web development
  • SEO & Social

“Your client’s decision could be based on whether or not your business is online.”

A website is cost effective

Your clients use your site and its information as the first port of call when considering your business. You can cut down on printing costs, particularly if you want to print in colour; and postage as you can use email to deliver customer newsletters and product updates.

A website has to be the easiest form of advertising today because of the variety of ways to promote your business online and its availability around the clock.

    A website offers versatile communication options

    You can tailor your information for a specific audience or several audiences at once. For example, you may be in a field where you want to offer professional technical information to one group as well as general knowledge to another segment that you serve. Your site can easily be structured to meet both needs. You can also write your own articles to enhance your professionalism.

    Enhance the professionalism of your other marketing materials by listing your web and email address on them (i.e. business cards, letterheads, presentations etc.).

    “Remember, you are the expert at what you do and that is why you started your own business.”

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